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Lippo Gel

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Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Transdermal Fat Burning Gel, Supercharge your Cardio, Supercharge Cardio Workouts & Maximize the FAT Burn.

Directions : With isoprople alcohol clean each of the inner forearm and pump 4 pumps and rub into forearm . Repeat on other arm. After 20 minutes , the peptide will have absorbed into the body completely. Any tresidue can be washed off. Morning or nights are both equally effective. We recommend doing what works best for you. Best results with products of this type if you are consistent.

Best results when taken 30 minutes prior to your cardio workout, At least 8 hours FASTED. This is not a magic cream and to be used to enhance your potential fat burn and to be used in conjunction with a vigorous cardio workout. Take only on the cardio days.

  • Faster Recovery
  • Aids the body to naturally metabolize your stored fat
  • Naturally occuring peptides are safe and without off target effects


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